2021 Babydoll Ewe/Ram lambs $700 each, and wethers $350 (when available). Expect lambs to arrive starting around January. Lambs are weaned around 60 days. There will likely both black and white lambs, although genetics is a funny thing and I can never predict what will be born. 
Waitlist is started already — request to be placed on a waitlist for sex and number of lambs you want. I will contact you in the order you are added to list, once they are born and evaluated. You will then have 24 hours to move forward with a non refundable deposit (50%), or forfeit your place on the list, if you are no longer interested.

2021 Goat kids: wethers $200, Does TBD. Planned Breedings will be listed once decided.

Adult Babydoll Ewes For Sale

Taro babydoll ewe

Miss Taro

DOB 03/20/2019

Sire: Neptune Dam: Poppy


codon 171 RR


DOB 03/24/2019

Sire: Neptune Dam: Calla Lily


Codon 171RR

Eggs when available: $8/dozen

Coming: Hermann Homestead wool comforters from babydoll wool. Since babydoll wool does not felt well, these are even machine washable in cool water!!!!!