2020: One wether kid for sale to home with other goats

Now creating waitlist for 2021 kids

Nubian Goats

Constantly striving to improve and breed up in our program. We were planning on attending linear appraisal, but that was cancelled. Still hoping to attend one day milk test later in 2020. In general we retain doe kids. On occasion we do have does in milk for sale.

Nigerian Dwarf Goats

Caramel aka Dash

Our nigerian doe Queen. She consistently kids out 4 kids, and milks 4 cups of milk at each milking. Such an amazing foundation doe


Stunning and correct, we knew we had to have this guy as our herd sire. Out of Woodbridge and Elfin Acres lines


DOB 2/10/2020

Dam: Dash Sire: Cazenovia

We can’t wait to see how this little lady matures and does in the show ring!

La Mancha

Charismatic Leia