Olde English Babydoll Sheep:

All lambs sold for 2020

A wait list has been created for spring 2021 lambs , contact us to be added

Adult breeding age ewes and rams are available. See sale page for information

We currently run a flock of 14 (and counting) babydoll sheep (4 rams, 1 wether, and 9 ewes). All breeding sheep are dual registered with OEBDR and NABSSAR. We have out flock separated into two groups to allow greatest genetic diversity.

Our Sheep eat a combo of alfalfa/hay grass, although if you have pasture supplemental hay is not required. Sheep require shearing once a year. Here in temperate Sonoma County, shearing can occur year round. We prefer to shear in early July and give pre-breeding vaccines and minerals as the same time. Hooves should be trimmed 4 times a year. We do not worm on a regular schedule. Routine worming can lead to resistant parasites. Instead, it is better to have the vet run fecal exams and decide on treatment on a case by case basis.

These sheep want to be pets and are optimal for that given their smaller size. They can even fit in back of an SUV to travel to vet visits, or to schools for show and tell

Fiber Sheep

We currently run a flock of 2 Corriedale sheep and one Romney. These are for our own personal spinning needs. Some may be for sale depending on breeding results. Stay tuned.